Friday, September 16, 2005

Blog Marketing

It is a lot more fun to market a blog than a regular website. Bloggers seem to be more willing to share great resources as well as communicate a lot better. Blogging is all about communication anyways. If you want to submit your blog to some good directories, ping it to the blog search engines and comment on other people's blogs, go for it. It's easy and actually fun. Blogging is such a natural and simple way to get your business seen. Indirect advertising, but a lot more effective than the uphill battle many are losing in the world of marketing their web sites to the search engines.

If you are not able time wise to run your own weblog as successfully as you would like to, you can always hire a Blog Design Firm to professionally manage your blog. Design it, write articles on an ongoing basis and get it ranked in the search engines. An investment you guys won't regret :)


Friday, September 09, 2005

The future of blogging.

I have started a post on digitalpoint forums asking people for their input on what the future holds for blogging and bloggers. There have been many great answers.

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Edit: more opinions on the matter:

Do you know that there is a trend happening online this very moment?

Let's go back in time and take a look at the past trends that has occured when the Internet became a real place to make money.

First there was the Search Engine's, with Alta Vista, Yahoo and now Google coming onto the scene and taking a fast first place in the hard drive of the world making webmasters want to conform their pages for high ranking on these search engines, which means more traffic and more traffic means more revenue.

Then there was the email campaign (spamming), when people discovered the use of email as a means for follow up promotions and is still being widely used today.

Finally, there was the affiliate programs distributing and selling products to customized lists and pin pointed markets for a percentage of the profits.

We now have blogs being used as a new form of Internet marketing for businesses.

Blogs appeared few years back, and are similar to a forum, except that with blogs, you can write about anything and everything..and not have other people calling the shots. When it first appeared, blogs were thought of nothing more than just a tool for people to express their rants, feelings, emotions and so forth.
Smart marketers are now recognizing the use of blogs as another channel of business - be it branding, selling, promotion are taking the reigns and running with it.

Blogs have taken on a whole new meaning and become sophisticated in look and content to the extent that it has become a powerful way to market products and services. There are so many ways you can earn money with blogs and get your presence felt on the net.

Are your words worth something? Have you tried blogging?